The Simple backed by research guide on how to lose lower stomach fat

The Simple backed by research guide on how to lose lower stomach fat

According to the most recent data, 54 per cent of Americans have abdominal obesity, while the estimated average waist circumference is growing.

 Independent of body weight, a larger waist circumference increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome. There is also growing evidence connecting belly fat and dementia.

Dementia and belly fat

Well, do not panic, we are here to show you how to simply prevent, reduce and lose lower stomach fat.

The peak of the dangers associated with lower belly fat may be “death”, and you must have seen it in health journals and articles clearly stated. This is definitely not to scare you, but to show how fatal it could be if not treated.

It is no doubt that there are fatal health risks associated with abdominal obesity. But two facts are certain; It can be prevented and cured.

Types of the stomach or abdominal fat

Upper abdominal/subcutaneous fat: This is the accumulation of fat stored under the skin but above the abdominal muscles. It has little or no health risks associated with it.

Lower abdominal/visceral fat: it is found accumulated in the visceral adipose tissue- fat stored below the abdominal muscles. This fat surrounds the major internal organs which where it imposes dangers to the organs.

When is lower belly fat dangerous for your health?

The simplest and most convenient means to know when harboring excess belly fat is through waist circumference measurement. Other complex techniques involve the use of x-ray and CT/MRI scan.

 Abdominal obesity has been defined as a waist circumference of about 34 inches in women and 40 inches in men. Risk of abdominal obesity increases with age, especially in women, and with changes in hormone levels.

Proven backed by research methods that specifically cure lower stomach fats

1.    The myth surrounding nutrition and diet choice

Potato and belly fat myth

A quick question Can diet help to fight abdominal obesity ?. Internet these days is filled with numerous claims of “extravagant” diets plan that help reduce or cure belly fat in the shortest possible time. Diets claimed to reduce abdominal obesity include high-protein diets, the “Paleo” diet, and green tea among others.

 But there’s a lack of high-quality research-based evidence to support these diets, but low-calorie diet have been proven by sufficient evidence to reduce lower belly fat.

However, intake of food with a lower amount of trans and saturated fats and higher fibre content have been proven practical to help prevent, reduce, and cure lower abdominal fat.

“These recommendations are consistent with heart-healthy diets like the NIH-developed Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet and the Mediterranean-style diet,” Dr Pilolla writes.

  It is worth noting that a healthy diet in combination with a routine exercise works eliminating abdominal obesity.

2.    Combining the right exercise

In relation to exercises that specifically target belly fat, there are numerous claims we see daily in magazines, newspapers, health journals, articles and many more. The bitter truth is that most of these claims are fictional.

How do we know the best exercises that target belly fat? lets briefly explain how exercises help to burn body fat ;

•    Carbohydrate, fats or protein serves as the body fuel when work is being done.

•    The ratio of the fuels used will shift depending on the activity you’re doing.

•    More of carbohydrate is used during high-intensity exercise like high-paced running

•    More of fat is used for low-intensity exercise like walking.

•    Protein simply helps to repair muscles after exercise

•    When it comes to weight loss, it doesn’t matter what type of fuel you use. What matters is how many calories you burn in relation to how many calories you take in.

To explain the exercise types that works specifically for belly fat, It is important to carefully support our claims with the following ;

•    Facts supported by scientific research

•    Claims by experienced fitness experts

Low-intensity exercise is the best to reduce and cure belly fat. Example of this includes simple activities like walking.

 Researchers at Louisiana State University found that walking for two and a half hours per week was able to shrink belly fat by one inch in just a month in their test subjects. The scientists revealed that walking even appears to reduce abdominal fat before it’s reduced in other areas.

Wake Forest University researchers studied 45 obese women and found the ones who walked between 30 and 55 minutes three times a week cut the size of their abdominal fat cells by almost 20%.

In addition, no amount of sit-ups will help you reduce excess stomach fat. sit-ups will on strengthen and not flatten the excess fats in your abdomen. However, if you’re at a normal weight, doing abdominal exercises correctly and consistently will help your stomach area look more toned. But, sit-ups does not cure an obese abdomen.

3.    Get rid of your lower belly fat by living a healthy lifestyle

Health lifestyle– flatbellyhacks

Lifestyle has a lot to do with how obese you are in your midsection region, this fact cannot be overemphasized Your lower belly fat may also be a result of sedentary lifestyle or behaviour. If you are burning less calorie than you consume, the excess accumulates in your belly region.

Involving oneself in activities, such as taking a long distance walk, doing moderate-intensity cardiovascular like interval jogging also does magic. If you are the office type, you should try doing any simple exercise that works up your stomach muscles.

Effective Tips on how to keep fit if you are an office person

•    Take short breaks every hour and move your body. Stretch at your desk or take a leisurely walk around the office.

•    Gesture while you’re talking and tap your foot when you’re sitting down.

•    Snub the elevators and take the stairs more often.

•    When you get home, do something more active.

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Poor sleeping habits also increase lower belly fat ;

Researchers from Wake Forest University School of Medicine examined five years of sleep habits and visceral fat accumulation in adults younger than 40; they found that those who slept less than six hours per night or more than nine hours, on average, had higher amounts of lower stomach fat.

This result suggests that getting a good night’s sleep helps combats the development of lower belly fat. The more stressed you are, the higher your chances of developing abdominal obesity.

Stress induces the production of cortisol, a hormone that encourages your body to store excess calories as belly fat. Mindless eating leads to high intake for high-calorie, high-fat foods which in-turn causes stress.

Important tips on how to deal with stress

•    talk with friends or loved ones

•    practising yoga

•    Meditation

•    Partake in outdoor sports

4.    Go natural.

Natural rich foods

I won’t instruct you to completely cut off a diet or nutritional. Of course, I Understand how difficult it can be. But it is important that you reduce consumption of packaged and processed foods.

They are not your friends – They generally contain chemical compounds that induce belly fat.

Taking whole grain food is important.  A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that a calorie-controlled diet rich in whole-grain foods helped obese research subjects lose more weight from their middles than those who ate the same diet but ate refined carbs instead of whole grains.

The researchers concluded that whole-grain foods may make it easier for the body to use fat stores. Good examples of foods rich in whole grains include wholemeal or wholegrain bread or crispbreads, dark ‘seedy’ bread, wholegrain breakfast cereals, wheat germ, brown rice, puffed whole grains, bulgur, quinoa, couscous, popcorn and oatmeal.

Tea as a natural remedy for curing belly fat

To simply put, tea contains chemical antioxidants that increase the rate at which the body burns fat– Chemicals like caffeine, catechins and theaflavins.

To verify the effect of tea on stomach fat, Harvard-led studies of large groups of people over time have found that tea or coffee drinkers are at lower risk for diabetes and possibly cardiovascular disease.

However, a body of research has shown that excess caffeine is injurious to health. It is, therefore, necessary to be selective with the tea you take.

In addition, sugar-sweetened teas or beverages may add to your belly fat if taken without caution.  In summary sugar-sweetened tea beverages are high in calories, and therefore have little or no health benefit.

One tea, which has been proven over time to cure lower belly and abdominal obesity is RED TEA.

In conclusion ;

The truth about belly fat—irrespective of the fact that it poses health risks on your health and more talked about, It can be simply prevented and cured by eating the right diet and doing exercises that target belly fat.

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