Can you get your flat stomach back after delivery?  The Practicable answer you need

Can you get your flat stomach back after delivery? The Practicable answer you need

The aftermath of delivery has  significant effect on some of your body parts: your breasts hang, you get more stretch marks than you wished for and your vagina … oh well let’s not go there.

But the biggest frustration is the pregnancy belly. Is there a remedy for this or is your tight stomach now a thing of the past? Even Reese Witherspoon recently said in an interview that her abdominal muscles “no longer existed” after she gave birth to her  children(3) .

We asked an expert whether it would be possible for all women to get her cores back into the pre-baby form. Fortunately, it’s very possible toget your flat stomach back after delivery.

The truth

Although your fitness level and gene play  a role, some women have to accept that there is a chance that you will not get back your pre-babay body. “Although some women are able to regain their flat stomach quickly, it will take a lot of time and effort for others,” says certified strength and conditional training, Alissa Rumsey –

It took nine months to transform and stretch your stomach, so it’s not surprising that it takes a while to regain your old body.

With most women, it takes three months to a year before the extra pounds have been removed. But unfortunately some mum have to work a little longer.


Her answer : 

you should not begin serious abdominal work until:

  • Your pelvic floor is strong again. If not, the abdominal muscles will push down on the intestinal organs, which in turn bear down on the pelvic floor. If the pelvic floor muscles are too weak to provide the necessary support, urination, bowel movements and of course sexual function will be affected, a condition known as prolapse.
  • The two parallel vertical bands of abdominal muscles are less than two finger’s width apart. This means that for the first 6 to 8 weeks – 10 if you have had a C-section – you should do gentle, rebalancing abdominal exercises.

At 2 months after childbirth, you can begin abdominal work, starting with floor exercises. If you’ve had a C-Section, stick to floor exercises for about 8 months after childbirth. Avoid full sit-ups, “bicycling” or “scissors.”

Focus on the obliques, whose job it is to pull in, lift and squeeze the stomach while supporting it. It will take time to tone the abdominal muscles, but they can be trained to look flat again.”

This is under the assumption that you have the 11-13 kilograms arrived during your pregnancy. If it is more, then it is possible that it is stored as visceral fat, which is more difficult to lose.

What you have to take into account is that your after-baby belly may have nothing to do with your abdominal muscles. It may have to do with your extended skin that has lost its elasticity – which cannot cope with exercise like crunches.

But there is good news for pregnant women or new mom. Think of it like this: it is  unlikely that you will become the perfect Fit Mama after you have brought a child into the world. But anything they say is possible if you put your heart to it. You can still get fit while you spend time with  your little offspring at home.

And do not compare yourself with the pro fit celebrities who do not have nine-to-five jobs to break their pretty heads.  Focus on  following the easy tips

Lose abdominal fats and breastfeeding

Even if you are breastfeeding, it is unwise to follow a diet. During waste, poisonous waste products end up in breast milk. Moreover, breastfeeding requires a lot of energy and you should even eat a little more.

Your body needs 600 to 1,000 calories more than usual during this period. Also ensure that you get enough calcium, protein, iron and vitamin C. There are good dietary supplements for sale, especially for women who are breastfeeding.

Physical movement & sport

A good way to get your old weight and body back is a lot of exercise. This belly does not disappear from losing weight. In addition to training your abdominal muscles, exercises for your pelvic floor muscles are important. With these exercises you can even prevent a possible prolapse of the uterus and incontinence problems.

As far as your stomach is concerned, you take it easy. Your stomach muscles are stretched considerably and need some time to shrink back to normal. Leave heavy abdominal exercises for the first time, because your pelvic floor muscles are still too weak. The short-term tightening of the muscles in your stomach is enough for now.

For all the exercises that you do, they must be executed lightly and gently.  Twice a day a few minutes lying on bed is more than enough. As you become stronger, you can increase the intensity and frequency of the exercises.


  • Try to work on your abdominal muscles before your pregnancy. The sportier you are, the easier it is to get your figure back.
  • Train carefully during pregnancy: choose for quiet sports like pilates or yoga .
  • Wear a band around your stomach after birth. Many women have a diastasis of the right abdominal muscles after delivery. The muscles become separated by carrying your baby. A cummerbund gives support to your abdominal muscles. It is advisable to use also when doing abdominal exercises.
  • After birth you have to step up a bit: training the deep muscles is important.
  • You do not necessarily need a fitness center: you can also exercise if your baby sleeps or go jogging / inline with the pram.
  • Stretch your abdominal muscles during the exercises and do not push yourself beyond limit. This ensures that they become flatter and not rounder.
  • The loose skin disappears naturally when you continue to do your exercises.
  • A healthy diet  excluding crash diet Helps: lots of fruit, fiber water and vegetables.
  • Following an expert guide – Highly recommended

Check yourself

If you still have too much space between your right abdominal muscles or if you have had a cesarean section, you should not do abdominal exercises with ‘rotational movement’. This way you check whether your abdominal muscles are already closed: lie on your back, knees bent, feet on the floor.

Pull your abs and lift your head and shoulders. Now place the fingers of one hand under your belly button and feel the two firm muscle edges that are there. If more than two fingers fit between the muscles, support them and help them come to each other by placing your hands across the stomach in the abdominal exercises.

With a hole larger than 2 fingers, you can not make any rotational movements with the exercises. I would personally recommend  a verified expert guide.

You might want to consider going to a fitness center with guidance to get rid of the excess fat without losing a lot of weight, but then you can still be fit at home by following a verified expert guide


Besides exercising yourself, you can also start sporting again after a few months. Jogging, cycling and swimming are sports that you can do at your own pace. Start quietly and build it up slowly.

You depending on the pace of the other and especially in the beginning  often too risky. It demands too much of your joints, causing injuries easily. In all Following an experienced expert guide was shown to yield the best result.

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