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In A Nutshell… is a leading health platform that offers a plethora of expert tips and tutorials on solutions to obesity, belly bloat, and several barriers and health conditions preventing you from getting the befitting waist-line you crave for. 

 It is necessary to know that; at least, 2.8 million adults die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. In addition, 44% of the diabetes burden, 23% of the ischaemic heart disease burden and between 7% and 41% of certain cancer burdens are attributable to overweight and obesity. However, It is Important to note that all this statistics are still counting…

These are some of the reasons individuals who  are obese must take necessary actions- Fortunately, Obesity, belly fat, and bloat can be completely curbed, and and there are many ready made solutions on this platform just for you. 

"People who lie to themselves about investing are the same as overweight people who blame thier genes for thier obesity"

Robert kiyosaki

About Me- Muideen olatunde

I never knew how dangerous belly fat could be until recently. One of my siblings apparently turned out to be obese at a very young age, 8 to be precise, and she never stopped adding belly fat until 12.  She nearly lost her life due to  health complications associated with being obese, but we have the stars to thank she made it. All these trying moment were the most challenging part of my life. However, I was privileged to Know all the possible solutions and advanced guides the experts profer that turn out to work perfectly for her. This further motivates me to embark on valid and new researches on Obesity, bloat, belly fat and any other useful info geared toward a befitting waistline and mid-section. Interestingly, it turned out to be one of my passions, only second to football. 

In Addition, I’m professional blogger, fitness trainer, with an unwavering interest in complete health geared toward an amazing body and mind. Certified in 3 key areas of Internet Marketing, and a B.Sc in Industrial Chemistry,

Why flatbellyhacks ?

First hand real experience

The guides, pro-tips and tutorials on this platform are based on what has worked for real people combined with extensive research from reputable source.

up-to-date research and scientific studies

All the  information provided on this platform have been carefully and thoroughly researched, with up-to-date scientific studies. This ensures that we dish out trending and helpful solutions geared toward a healthy body and mind.

experts contribution and consultations

For your benefit health-wise, we value the needs and desires of our users. This even motivates us to reach out to experts for thier professional insights on all recommendations and guides provided .

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