4 proven ways on how to lose belly fat at home– New research

4 proven ways on how to lose belly fat at home– New research

Beyond weight loss: Focusing on life threatening fats .

Belly fat implying to Obesity is increasingly becoming a topic of concern among Individuals and health personnel. It is important for every person with excess belly fat to understand that there are a number of life-threatening health risks associated with being Obese; One of them is cardiovascular disease.

Shedding off this excess abdominal fat does not only Improve your outward looks noticeably, but it also helps prevent and curb the health risks that might arise if proper attention is not given to your mid-section. After all, The U.S department of health and service, centre for disease control and prevention published in one of its journals.

“Another way to estimate your potential disease risk is to measure your waist circumference. Excessive abdominal fat may be serious because it places you at greater risk for developing obesity-related conditions, such as Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease.

Your waistline may be telling you that you have a higher risk of developing obesity-related conditions if you are:

• A man whose waist circumference is more than 40 inches
• A non-pregnant woman whose waist circumference is more than 35 inches”

What more?! Here are 4 proven home remedies that will help you get rid of excess belly fat.

HIIT Workouts :

There is a need to be selective when trying to reduce general body fat. There is more need to be extra-selective with your routine exercise when the need arises to shed off excess abdominal or stomach fats. One of such exercises that have been proven over time by experts to unlock the belly fat misery is HIIT; High-Intensity interval training.

HIIT workouts, basically are designed to push you out of your comfort zone and increase your rate of the heartbeat by making your body work harder to get oxygen to the muscles.

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What is the implication of this?

By working very hard for short intervals you shake up your metabolism and force your body to use more energy to find fuel for the body. In addition, After-workout energy which the body uses to return to its pre-existing state is even significantly.

All these ensure general calorie burn, but HIIT has been proven according to research to specifically work for belly fat. In one study, published in Kinesiology, a group of women who followed a HIIT protocol workout for 12 weeks were compared to women who underwent moderate workouts.The HIIT group experienced a greater reduction of subcutaneous belly fat by the end of the study.

In another study That compared the effect of prolonged moderate-intensity continuous training (MICT) on reducing abdominal visceral fat- a measure of obesity, in obese young women with that of work-equivalent high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Here is a key extract from their conclusion :

“MICT consisting of prolonged sessions has no quantitative advantage, compared with that resulting from HIIT, in abdominal visceral fat reduction. HIIT appears to be the predominant strategy for controlling obesity because of its time efficiency”

Red Tea – For Detoxification

Red tea drink

I can guess your thinking right now… What about green tea? I understand you might probably know a lot about green tea than I do, but It’s worth introducing The new big discovery – The red tea

There is a complete guide known as the red tea detox originally created by the Expert who discovered the healthy advantage of using the red tea for detoxification- it is also important to know that the pioneer is a renown weight loss expert.

Green tea has long been acknowledged for its health and wellness benefits, including weight loss assistance. The evidence is irrefutable. But are we overlooking something better?

Apart from being extremely effective for a rapid reduction of excess belly fat in obese people. Rooibos simply means “red bush” Another advantage is that the plant is readily available, with leaves that turn red on fermentation.
Rooibos, also known as Red tea has the following advantages over green tea;

• Although it is equally high in antioxidants, the antioxidants are however sourced from different substances to that of green tea.

• The antioxidants contained in rooibos – aspalathin and nothofagin – are relatively rare, and help to inhibit metabolic disorders, reduce excessive fat production, stress, and regulate blood sugar.

• Unlike green tea, red tea does not contain caffeine, and therefore drinking the blend at night won’t leave you restless.

• Another factor of its ultimate superiority is simply – taste !. The bitterness of green tea is often attributed to its high tannin content, which is less prevalent in red tea.

It is worth knowing more about why the Red tea Detox is Important For reducing and preventing Obesity, Including the using directive.
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What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts which are advantageous to the body, especially to the digestive system. These “good bacteria” are usually mistaken for germs, and an average individual with no prior knowledge think of it as a disease-causing organism. However, they are helpful bacteria because they help keep your digestive tract and system healthy.

In one research– a 2010 study (published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition), which tested the anti-obesity effects of a probiotic type called Lactobacillus gasseri SBT2055 (LG2055). The study lasted for exactly 12 weeks, and for all days of the whole duration, 87 study participants drank about seven ounces of an LG2055-enhanced fermented milk, or a fermented milk free of LG2055.

Compared to the group which consumes no LG2055 probiotics, those who consumed the LG2055-enhanced fermented milk- a probiotics type, showed a greater reduction in belly fat and body weight generally.

In another 2010 study (published in the journal Microbiology), scientists discovered that a special type of probiotics beneficially alters body fat composition in a group of mice. Designed specifically for the study, the probiotics type contained a chemical that has been found to help reduce the amount of fat in the body.

In conclusion to the author’s findings, there is a strong suggestion that specialized probiotics play a role in Obesity prevention.  Below are special Probiotic Foods That Are Super Healthy ;

Yoghurt– One of the best probiotics source with friendly bacteria

Kefir- It is worth knowing that kefir is a better source of probiotics than yoghurt, and it is also beneficial for people with lactose intolerance.

Sauerkraut – Sauerkraut is finely cut, fermented cabbage. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Tempeh – A fermented soybean product, and a high-protein substitute for meat. It contains a decent amount of vitamin B12, a nutrient found mainly in animal products

Kimchi – A spicy Korean side dish, typically made from fermented cabbage. It contains bacteria(lactic acid) that benefit the digestive system.

Kombucha – A type fermented tea drink. It is believed to have a wide range of health benefits, but more research is needed for verification.

Pickles – They are cucumbers that have been pickled in salty water and fermented, high in vitamin k with low calory. However, pickles produced from vinegar do not have probiotic effects.

Traditional buttermilk – It is a dairy-based drink mainly consumed in India, Nepal and Pakistan. Cultured buttermilk which is Common in America, Unfortunately, do not have any probiotics benefits.

Some other types of cheese that have probiotic benefits Include cheddar, mozzarella and gouda. In addition, if you cant take probiotic foods, you can take probiotics supplement that are targeted at reducing belly fats.

Soy for belly fat


soy how to lose belly fat at home
Soy bean, tofu and other soy products

Soybeans are a Really good source of protein. though not as good as meat or eggs, however, they are better than most other plant proteins. It is also necessary to note that at high temperature, soy loses their quality and become less efficient. The fatty acids in soybeans are known to contain Omega-6 polyunsaturated fats.

However, it is also important to know that recent studies have indicated that have shown that more effective reduction and prevention of obesity can be achieved through the balanced intake of foods that contain omega 6 and omega 3 in appropriate ratios – preferably (omega-6/omega-3 ratio 1–2/1)

Here is an extract from the journal :

“Obesity is a preventable disease that can be treated through proper diet and exercise. A balanced omega-6/omega-3 ratio 1–2/1 is one of the most important dietary factors in the prevention of obesity, along with physical activity. A lower omega-6/omega-3 ratio should be considered in the management of obesity.”

Example of foods rich in Omega-6

• Coconut
• Cocoa
• Palm

Example of foods rich in Omega-3

• seeds of flax,
• rape,
• chia,
• perilla and
• walnuts

Taking soy supplements may help reduce belly fat in obese women, according to another small study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2010. For the study, 39 postmenopausal women were assigned to three months of treatment with either soy supplements or a placebo. Results of the study show that soy helped reduce belly fat and interleukin-6 (a marker of inflammation), but has no effect on blood-sugar metabolism and increase levels of leptin (a hormone involved in fat metabolism).

Getting rid of belly fat at home :

If you’re aiming to lose belly fat, it’s important to combine a healthy diet with an exercise program that includes both strength training and aerobic exercise. Evidence has also shown that managing your stress level may help fight belly fat as well.

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